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Human Resources outsourcing services

We assist companies who need expertise in human resources and payroll management and act as an outsourced manager for their entire staffing requirement. We are not a recruitment agency, but take on the role of an external HR manager to manage the following:

Payroll management
• monthly payroll and payment processing and payslip
• time attendance and leave management
• statutory reporting and submission according to employment regulations
• summarised and confidential payroll recording of accounting transactions

Human resource administration
• Shortlisting candidates for interviewing
• Issue and update appointment letters and other appointment contracts
• Develop, issue, review and update employment policies and handbook & update job descriptions
• Employee management from recruitment processes, appointment, setup of new employee, performance management
• Exit interviews

Employee performance and rewards management
• Salary structure review and implementation
• Compensation and benefits
• Performance, incentive and bonus schemes
• Implement performance management and appraisal systems
• Support our clients’ managers in managing employee-related performance issues

Right-sizing corporate exercise
• Downsizing and retrenchment
• Reorganisation and redesigning jobs
• Employee assistance programmes

Training and competency development
• Competency profiling and management
• Training needs analysis for each employee
• Career and succession planning to manage talent

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